Grady Explains: Crossover Day

Crossover Day is coming up in the state of Georgia. We conducted a Twitter poll and 75% of people surveyed did not know what Crossover Day was.

Dr. Charles S. Bullock, III, a political science professor at the University of Georgia, explained Crossover Day and what that means for the state of Georgia. Crossover Day is when the General Assembly passes legislation from one chamber to another- the House or the Senate. He says if a bill is not passed on to the next chamber, then the bill dies.

Any bill that has yet to pass will be discussed during Crossover Day, including House Bill 680. If passed, this bill would get rid of electronic voting ballots, leaving voters to use paper ballots only.

Crossover Day typically occurs on the 28th day of the 40 day session.

Last year’s Crossover Day, House Bill 280, or the campus carry bill, was sent to the Senate.

By: Amber Shepp


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