Grady Newsource Explains: ACL Injuries

By Savannah Brock

After a conference call Sunday night, Head Coach Mark Richt talked about the injury UGA sophomore tailback Nick Chubb suffered to his left knee. According to Senior Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine Ron Courson, Chubb’s injury involves damage to multiple ligaments and cartilage.

Courson said the damage is repairable and a full recovery is expected for Chubb following surgery and rehab. Chubb is in the hospital for further observations and is expected for surgery within the next two weeks.

The entire Dawg Nation fell silent when Chubb collapsed into the Georgia sidelines on Saturday’s game in Knoxville Tennessee. Speculations on a torn ACL or broken leg began to run rampant on social media when Chubb was slow to get up. At that moment, no one knew what damage had been done to Chubb’s leg.

The good news is that the damage does not include the much speculated anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Also, the injury does not involve arteries or nerves.

Since Richt is in high spirits of a full recovery for Chubb since he did not tear his ACL. However, if he had things could be different.

Below, Grady Newsource explains the severity of ACL tears.


Also, check out Grady Newsource’s Storify on Dawg Nation’s reaction to Chubb’s injury.

[View the story “Dawg Nation rallies behind Nick Chubb” on Storify]

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