Hairy Dawg Tryouts Begin


Students will audition this Sunday to be the face… well rather the body… of one of the most recognized college mascots in the nation.

The Big Dawg on Campus no doubt is UGA’s famous Hairy Dawg….He’s the face of the Georgia Bulldogs.

I’ve gotten to see some huge moments in Georgia football history from within the Hairy Dawg Suit.” Pearce Lane is one of four UGA students this year who sees all the Bulldog action from the inside…looking out. And for those who want that view… Lane says you have to show the “Hairy Swagg.”

Lane says, “The personality of Hairy Dawg is extremely arrogant, extremely cocky. When Hairy Dawg walks into the room everyone knows that he thinks he owns the world.. thats kind of fun to take on this totally different personality… and also get to do whatever you want.”

Hairy Dawg makes his grand entrance at most UGA athletic and special events… Lane says its almost a daily commitment… and that’s why they need more than one person to fill the 30 pound suit. Hairy will stay at UGA forever… but not Lane. He is graduating.

Lane says, “It’s bittersweet. I’ve gotten to do some things I never would have gotten to do without it.” “better than you SOT”

The tryouts for the guys who will be wearing the suit this year will be this Sunday at 6:30. The applicants will perform a 2-3 min skit in the Hairy suit to determine who gets to be Big Dawg on campus for the coming school year.



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