Born in Madison, Served in Madison; Now Embraces Being a Citizen

Anthony Dove has served as the Chairman of the Madison County Board of Commissioners for nearly 8 years. As his second term is coming to an end, he has decided not to run for re-election.

Dove’s public life in Madison County echoes from his childhood. The government building where Dove works today used to be Danielsville Elementary school, which he attended as a child. Dove’s third grade classroom is now a meeting room where he and the Board of Commissioners hold public meetings twice a month.  He even serves on the board with his former little-league baseball coach, Dewitt Bond.

“He’s just a good, everyday person,” Bond said of Dove. “Wouldn’t want a better friend than him.”

Dove says that leaving office is best for him and the community.

“I just felt myself wearing down,” Dove said. “I just didn’t want to be in that situation. It wouldn’t be fair to me, and it wouldn’t be fair to the citizens of Madison County.”

But a goodbye to public office won’t be a goodbye to Madison. Dove says he will still be an involved member of the Madison community where he was born and raised.

Dove will continue to be an active member in the Madison County Rotary club, and is excited about spending more time with his new grandson, who was born last December. While Dove says he will miss serving as the chairman of the board of commissioners, he looks forward to having a job that’s a little less time-consuming.


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