With just more than one week until the Oconee County voter registration deadline, Board of Elections Director Pat Hayes assured citizens there is still time to complete an application.

She said there are a few ways to register.

  1. You can request an application by mail
  2. You can apply while obtaining a driver’s license
  3. You can utilize the online voter registration application through the Secretary of State’s website
  4. You can pick up an application at a library, high school or college

“Some people are registered and don’t even realize it,” Hayes said. “And as long as you’re an active voter, you’ll stay registered.”

A voter is considered inactive after abstaining from two general elections, she said. If a voter does not respond to a notice issued by the state, he or she is “purged from the system.”

“If people would utilize the secretary of state’s website,”she said “it would prevent us from getting thousands of calls on election day and it would inform them where to go.”

She added that the state of Georgia does not require voters to register by party.

On election day, voters should be sure to bring a government-issued photo ID with them and head toward their assigned polling site.


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