REMINDER: SNL’s Aidy Bryant at UGA tonight

University Union hosts the 2016 Comedy Show tonight at the Tate Grand Hall. This year SNL’s Aidy Bryant will be the main event. Aidy Bryant has been on Saturday Night Live since 2012.

The event is currently sold out and the show begins at 7 p.m.

Last year, University Union hosted Saturday Night Live‘s comedians: Vanessa Bayer and Pete Davidson.

This is the rescheduled event from when Bryant had to cancel last month due to illness, but is happening tonight.


But maybe you bought a ticket for tonight and realized you don’t watch Saturday Night Live, you haven’t seen a single skit of Aidy Bryant’s, or just maybe up until now her name was Annie. Yikes. No fear, here are five of Andy Bryant’s best Saturday Night Live skits that you need to see before you attend tonight:

Warning: Some profanity in videos.

  1. Back Home Ballers:

    This one is personal to any college student who has returned home from college for the holidays. From snacks to free laundry to avoiding the neighbor’s questions about school, the rap sums up everything about how Thanksgiving 2015 went. Catch it with ‘Yo Lil’ Baby Aidy’.

  2. A Thanksgiving Miracle

    Another Thanksgiving classic right here. With the 2016 Presidential election on the horizon, touchy subjects like gay marriage, gender equality, and international refugees are on the national agenda and then might have ended up at your Thanksgiving meal. Maybe, Adele should have been played on loop.

  3.  Girlfriends Talk Show: with Amy Adams and One Direction

    Are your Best Fabulous Females going to tonight’s comedy show, too?

  4. Birthday Party featuring Ryan Gosling

    You like Ryan Gosling? So does Aidy Bryant’s character in this one. If you agree he is a “full blown beef meat”, this video will sell you on seeing Aidy Bryant tonight, but no promises on Ryan Gosling being there tonight.

  5. Star Wars Auditions

    Bryant makes her appearance at 1:57. While the part she is auditioning for is unclear, but Aidy Bryant sells on Wynonna Judd.


Whether you’ve done the proper research for tonight or not, Aidy Bryant is close; airport close.


By Morgan Ainslie


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