A Barrow County man sits in jail charged with the murder of his wife. Barrow County Sheriff’s investigators arrested 36-year old Kevin Richard Harrison for the murder of 29-year old Heather Marie Harrison. According to a press release from The Barrow Sheriff’s

Office, Kevin Harrison called 911 stating that his wife was accidentally shot at their residence at 763 Moss Side Drive in Bethlehem. Deputies were on the scene within four minutes and secured the residence. The victim had a gun-shot wound to the head and was immediately transported to a nearby hospital. She was pronounced dead hours later.

Investigators spent Sunday afternoon processing the crime scene and collecting evidence on the shooting. Based on interviews from witnesses, the evidence from the crime scene, and the statement of the suspect, it was determined that this was no accidental shooting. Kevin Harrison is being held at the Barrow County Detention Center awaiting bond on the charges of Aggravated Assault; Felony Murder; Murder; and Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Crime. The investigation is on-going and no further details are available for release.

Heather Harrison had two children (9 and 2). Kevin Harrison is the father of the youngest child.


By Natalie Roe


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