ISIS Claims Responsibility for Belgium Bombings

CNN reports that ISIS claims responsibility for the three bombs exploding this morning in Brussels, Belgium. At least 30 were killed and 230 injured. It also reports that at least two nuclear power plants were evacuated after the explosions.

Dr. Cas Muddle lived in Belgium for 6 years before moving to the U.S. He has worked at UGA since 2012.

““There have been threats of nuclear reactors in the past from muslim terrorists particularly in Belgium and so it makes sense,” says Dr. Cas Muddle, a professor in the Department of International Affairs at the University of Georgia, “I don’t think personally they have the capacity to attack these kind of hard-targets. Both targets today were very soft.”

Dr. Muddle lived in Belgium for 6 years. He believes terrorist attacks like this morning’s affect more than just the targeted country.

“It just makes the number of countries that are involved or feel like they could be next larger and almost all politicians on the left or the right respond the same. They will claim that they can keep you 100% safe but that they require a lot of new competencies. And I would expect Belgium to declare a state of emergency.”


By Alexander Contreras


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