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One voting precinct has seen a record breaking increase in voters coming out. Jackson County Elections Office has had almost 2,000 ballots cast as of this week. With such a large number of voters, the question is being asked whether voter fraud happen. But elections supervisor Lori Wurtz isn’t worried about any cases of voter fraud happening here.

With the election just nineteen days away, Jackson County has seen a large increase in voters. This past Monday they hit a record breaking 644 voters in just one day. Wurtz says she isn’t worried about voter fraud occuring there. The machines are sent up so that poll workers can monitor and watch people’s activity.

“Our poll workers are trained to observe the voter as their voting to look for anything that may be suspicious.” she says. “We did a lenghtened training on it this year because we’ve heard about alot of voter fraud at the polls from some of the candidates that have been debating.”

No cases of fraud have been reported so far in Jackson. But Wurtz says voter fraud really isn’t a big deal anywhere in Georgia. Some people may be worried for the wrong reasons.

“Sometimes a candidate will bring that up just in case they lose they can always claim, oh it must have been voter fraud. And I tend to agree with that.” she says.  “I dont think Georgia has very much voter fraud.”

Jackson County voter Sidney Garner came out and voted today. He does believe that voter fraud occured in the last presidential election and says there is a chance it could happen again.

“There is a chance, I mean you may not believe it. And I do not know for a fact, but if you read everything thats happened you would think that there was fraud.”

Jackson County voter Robert Lee Akins Sr. who also came out and voted today agrees that it is a possibility that fraud could happen.

“The United States is the best country in the world and I dont think that everything is perfect but there is a possibility and we just live and deal with it.”


Grady Newsource Reporter Ariel Mallory @arielmallory


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