Jefferson High School Tennis Player Trains Hard, Plays Hard

JEFFERSON — One of the top tennis players in Northeast Georgia says it’s a tough road trying to make it to the next level in collegiate sports.

Train hard, play hard — that is this young varsity student athlete’s motto, as she sweats away the afternoon with her coach.

Rheagan Wessels is a junior at Jefferson High School and has played on the varisty tennis team since her freshman year.

Between school work, tennis practice and the extra one-on-one sessions, it’s a wonder how anyone would have time to send out highlight tapes to colleges around the nation.

“But school comes first”, she said, “then tennis.”

Wessles said being back to back region champs, doesn’t come easy. She has to stay on top of her game and constantly remind herself to keep her feet moving towards her “dream” of being a college athlete.

Rheagan told me she hopes these extra hours of practice will help lead her into the right team’s hands at a school close to home.


Reporter: Sierra Grady
Videographer: Sierra Grady


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