Local Political Groups React to Government Shutdown


-Athens, GA

Just like in Washington, Republicans and Democrats continue to point fingers at each other here in Athens.

Athens-Clarke County Democratic Party Chairman Joe Wisenbaker says that he is disheartened by the government shutdown and debt ceiling debates taking place in our nation’s capital.

“Well, it’s been a lot like watching an avalanche take place in slow motion”, he says.

He adds that he is disappointed when he hears Republicans blaming Democrats for not working with them to end the government shutdown. He argues that they have agreed large amounts of debt reduction.

“When you have a viewpoint that says we going to burn it down or close it down, if we don’t get our way about X or Y or C it just…they’re taking themselves out of the game.”

Athens G-O-P Chairman Matt Brewster disagrees with Wisenbaker saying that Republicans have cooperated with Democrats. “Well it doesn’t make sense,” he says. “It doesn’t make any sense when they’re saying we’re not willing to come to the table and we don’t have any ideas to get us out of this.”

Wisenbaker says he blames the extreme members of Congress for the shutdown while Brewster agrues that both parties should be held responsible. However, both men are wary of deal getting done.  Joe Wisenbaker and Matt Brewster both believe the government shutdown and debt ceiling talks will impact the midterm elections next year.

By: Ian Saunders


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