Quick news bites to consume while you are eating lunch.

Something you don’t want to see more of on your plate.

More added to the Brussels death toll after four died from their injuries in hospitals. The death toll is now at 35 with more than 300 wounded. Four Americans confirmed dead.

Pass the salt and pepper. There is something new on today’s menu.

Governor Nathan Deal vetoes H.B. 757 otherwise known as the ‘religious liberty’ bill. One thing this bill would have done is allowed religious officials to not officiate a wedding that would go against his or her beliefs. Click here for bill’s summary. Governor Deal has been under a lot of pressure from organizations like the NFL who would reconsider hosting a Super Bowl in Georgia because of the bill. List of companies opposing bill here.

I usually enjoy southern food but not today.

There’s a video of a Georgia special education teacher allegedly knocking a young student to the ground. The teacher resigned and the incident is under investigation by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. The child was not seriously hurt.

Is there something in this food? Because I’m not feeling very well.

Track and Field Olympic athlete and Athen’s local Reese Hoffa is expressing concerns about going to the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro because of the Zika virus. He and his wife are trying to have a child. Hoffa worries about contracting the Zika virus because the virus has been linked to babies being born with small heads or brain damage. Reese Hoffa is not the only one going to the Olympic Games from Athens. Reporter Matt Mataxas talks to UGA students who are working at the Olympic Games as well as a professor about how the Zika virus affects their decision to go to the Games this summer.

At least there’s some local ice cream.

An acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivor is organizing an event to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The Classic City Showcase will feature five bands tonight at the Georgia Theatre. Reporter Nat Roe spoke to the survivor, Russell Vandiver. See the story tonight at 5 p.m.

BY: S.K. Bowen


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