Madison School Board to Discuss Bus Driver Incentives


The Madison County school system needs bus drivers, and it hopes some cash bonuses could help bring them in. Tonight, Superintendent Allen McCannon will ask the board to approve an incentive program to recruit new drivers.

The Bus Driver Referral Incentive Program would reward both those who refer new drivers and the drivers themselves. If a person refers a driver who completes the training program and drives for a year, he or she would receive $250. The driver would also receive a one-time bonus of $500.

The Madison County School System has 91 buses that take 69 different routes. Per day, the routes cover more than 4,200 miles.

Superintedent McCannon said he hopes the new incentive program will help fill the need for new bus drivers. If you are interested in becoming a Madison County bus driver, call 706-795-219



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