Marine Veteran Killed in Motorcycle Accident

An Athens woman is mourning the death of her boyfriend who was struck and killed by a car while on his motorcycle.

Douglas Levar Nash died on October 8, on the way home from work. The accident occurred, not even a mile from his home, on Barnett Shoals road.

Nash was the father of 14-month-old Addison Elizabeth Nash and boyfriend of Brandi Elizabeth Bright.

Grady Newsource Reporter Cheyenne Brown has been in contact with Bright.

Bright told Brown via text, “This is my worst nightmare come true. I still don’t believe it and I do not know how to move forward without him. We had so many plans for the future together. We were about to move into a two bedroom apartment, we wanted more kids, and we were planning to get married. It is just devastating.”

The last words Bright and Nash said to each other were “I love you.”

Bright also mentions that she is going to make sure that Addison knows who her father is. She said, “I’m making a photo album for her and putting some videos and stuff I have on a CD so she can heard his voice.”

Police are still investigating the accident.

Nash was a marine veteran who served in Afghanistan. Bright and her family are trying to have a military service with a 21 gun salute. The funeral service is scheduled to for Saturday, October 13.

Cheyenne Brown


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