Maya Angelou Visits UGA

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for over a thousand UGA students- To hear Dr. Maya Angelou read her Poetry in person. Reporter Abby Johnson tells us it was Part of Sould week at UGA.

Students, professors, parents, and fans across the community gathered in the Tate Center to hear Maya Angelou. The event was something most people considered a historic moment.

UGA Student Asia Thomas had been looking forward to hearing Angelou speak for months. “It’s kind of a historical figure” Thomas said, “and I thought it would be a great opportunity to come out and be a part of this moment.

Tickets were sold to the first 1000 people but those who did not recieve a ticket were still able to watch a live stream of the lecture in the Tate Atrium.

Most of Dr. Angelou’s lecture was themed around loving each other and accepting people as they are no matter their differences.

Students were left feeling motivated and priviledged to hear such an esteemed author.

The week of soul will continue thoughout the week. You can visit the student union website to find out more about the events.


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