Meat Recall Issued on Nuggets and Beef

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services released a recall on Caviness Beef Packers and Tyson Food Inc. products on September 27, 2016 for having harmful contamination.

Tyson Food Incorporated has a recall on a total of 132,520 pounds of chicken nugget products for possible contamination from hard plastic. The 5 pound bag of fully cooked panko chicken nuggets could have contamination if the “Best If Used By” date of July 18, 2017. Buying in bulk also presents a risk because the 20 pound bag with a production date as July 18, 2016 has been recalled as well.

The contamination was found after complaints to the firm about a “foreign matter” being in their products.

Caviness Beef Packers recalled a total of 2,100 pounds of boneless beef products for having possible E. Coli contamination. This puts any individual that consumes these products at high health risk. If the “Sell By” date is September 28, 2016 on 1.5 to 3 pound packs of 73% Regular Ground Beef products the product is at risk. Also, any 10 pound chubs of this same product with a “Use By” or “Freeze By” date of October 10, 2016 pose the same health risk.

The company currently has possession of 1,780 pounds of the contaminated meat, but there is still 320 pounds of it still in consumers possession.

The USDA FSIS recommends that these products be thrown away or returned to the place they were purchased.




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