Midday Update Oct. 26

On your way to grab a bite for lunch, take a look at some of our stories for today’s newscast.

  • Red Ribbon Week – This week is national Red Ribbon Week, and the goal is to teach drug prevention in schools. Maysville Elementary School is having dress-up days and counselors talk to students as a part of their program. Reporter Sammy O’Brien talked to the school counselor Tressa Dodd about how this is impacting students.
  • Injury updates – Sony Michel didn’t practice at all last week. However, he is listed as a captain for UGA’s upcoming game against Florida so we should see him on the field Saturday. Jordan Jenkins and Isaiah Mckenzie are both questionable for Saturday’s matchup.
  • Ole Miss takes down flag – The University of Mississippi is no longer flying the Mississippi state flag. The student senate voted to request that the flag be removed from the university last Tuesday. Faculty, staff and graduate students joined in support following this vote ultimately leading to the flag’s removal. The flag will be stored in the University Archives.
  • Cheating is up at UGA – Reports of cheating at UGA may be up, but not because more students are cheating. The professors are getting better at catching cheating, and students sometimes don’t realize they’re doing it.

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