Morning Webcast: 11.11.13

By: Monica Kalousek and Catherine Patterson

If you woke up early this morning– you probably noticed a chill in the air. But that’s nothing compared to what you’ll experience tomorrow. Winter’s is officially on its way with lows in the upper twenties for the next couple of days. Our weather anchor Brian Stewart has more details on how the cold front could affect your plans for the week.

And last week– we uncovered a Facebook post that’s stirring up some controversy around campus. The Black Affairs Council fought back by marching across Sanford Stadium Bridge this past weekend. Our reporter Emily Curl has the update on yet ANOTHER upsetting post on the page. She also has the latest on the group’s efforts to spread equality throughout U-G-A.

We’ll have more for you in a couple hours in our Afternoon webcast. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Facebook (Grady Newsource), Instagram (gradynewsource), and Twitter (@GradyNewsource) accounts for updates throughout the day–and what’s happening in your community.

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