Cedar Shoals Football: Origins

ATHENS, Ga.— The Cedar Shoals football team will take on Clarke Central in the annual rivalry. The winner gets bragging rights for a year in Athens.

It is a rivalry that started 39 years ago, and Randy Watkins was there when it began. He was a defensive back on the 1974 Cedar Shoals team when the matchup began.

“All of those kids who were cut at Clarke Central,” said Watkins. “Those kids who thought they would never play high school football, all of a sudden, they got an opportunity.”

And that chance to play football, gave him and his teammates an opportunity to show they belong.

“We would have gone through a brick wall to play and better ourselves,” said Watkins.

And the challenge on the field is what made him and his teammates successful in life.

“It changed our mindsets from being average good men, to great successful men,” Watkins said.

The opportunity he helped create has led to the tradition of today’s rivalry. And he hopes the players show respect on the field.

The game has a chance to WSB’s game of the week. Vote here if you want them to broadcast the game.


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