Morning Webcast with Leah Goldman

You may have noticed a layer of haze over Athens today, caused by a church fire on Oconee Street last night. The Oconee Street United Methodist Church set a blaze last night around 10 p.m. According to the report from the Athens Banner Herald, a graduate student was driving home from campus when he saw smoke coming from the steeple. He said fire fighters responded quickly to his call. As of this morning no casualties have been reported. We have team coverage of the fire today from reporters Alex Boswell and Hannah Patrick.

We are also following updates from the Boston Marathon Bombing. The two bombs that went off yesterday around 4 claimed 3 lives and 176 left wounded in local hospitals. At 9:30 this morning, the FBI along with leaders in the Boston area held a press conference to say the invesitagion is still on going. They did say only 2 explosive devices were found. Boston Police commissioner Ed Davis said that this is the most complex crime scene in Boston’s history.

The officals encourage the public to send in any videos, pictures, or information to the Boston Police and to be as detailed and as thorough as possible to help move along the investigation. No one is in custody at this time. Here in Athens and at the University of Georgia we feel the effects of the bombing. We will also have team coverage on this developing story. Reporter Meredith Dean will be talking to Athens runners who were at the race and hearing their experience at the tragic event. And reporter Danielle Barker will be covering the way Athens and the local community have been honoring the memories of the lives lost and how you can help those wounded.

We will continue to update our website and social media with any breaking news on our top stories today.

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