Happy Anniversary: UGA, NABJ, Grady Celebrate Black Press

Dr. Benjamin Chavis speaks about the 190th Anniversary of the Black Press in Studio 100 of Grady College. (Photo: Brittany Stocus)

Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, spoke at Grady College on April 3. Chavis currently serves as head of the NPPA, though he has long worked as a civil rights activist and environmentalist. Chavis spoke about the importance of the black press for all types of media.

The event was co-hosted by UGA’s chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists and the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Chavis encouraged all people to read black press regardless of their race, as diversity in journalism is an important factor. Kyla Brinkley, the president of the UGA chapter of NABJ, agreed with this point and said that their organization also welcomes students of all races who are interested in the black press.

“One of our goals as NABJ is to raise awareness about the black press and about diversity in the media,” said Brinkley when discussing how their goals align with Chavis’ lecture.

In his closing remarks, Chavis stressed three main points that the press and journalists should strive for: to protect the first amendment for all people, know that the black press makes other press do a better job, and that digitalization must be inclusive for all people.

“What we write does make a difference, what we say does make a difference, and how people receive what we write and how people receive what we say, does make a difference,” said Chavis.

Senior journalism student Anna Logan felt his talk reinforced many of the ideas she already had.

“I think that newsrooms in general are on the move to being more inclusive but they need to really work to be more inclusive,” said Logan.

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By Janie Bohlmann


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