New iPhone Application Brings Ease to Campus

Athens, Ga–Bus arrival times, meal planners, and virtual tours are all services a new UGA application has to help students around campus. Hannah Patrick says students will be happy

SGA promised results from their election last year and from what I found out today, this application will bring a lot of good use to students and visitors on campus.

SGA wanted to take advantage of the thousands of students on campus constantly on their iphones. It’s an app to help students with. well. everything.

Vice President, Michael Mosher, says, “What we ran on last year was the idea of giving tangible results and tangible accomplishments that we can present to the student body at the end of our administration.”

And they did just that by following through with their initial idea to create an all in one UGA APP. This application is not like the other UGA apps that already exist.
This application will be a colaboration of multiple services. It will include daily time trackers for bus routes and even sporting events on campus. And for you meal planners out there, it will even include a nutrition fact list.

Brittney Robertson believes that students will be happy with these lists and services and where their technology fee is going.

Brittney Robertson says,
“This was a way for us to really give back to the students ans say we know y’all don’t like paying that fee, but we want to give you something in your hands, on your phone, that you can really use.”
Even though elections are coming up, Brittney says SGA will still have complete control over the App and its content.
Brittney also said, ” And when we did this partnership with ETIS they pretty much said to us if this app isn’t out by the time you are out of office we have failed you, and they haven’t failed us.”

SGA plans on having a campus wide event on April 15th when it will be released. We will keep you updated on the event. I’m Hannah Patrick Grady Newsource.


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  • Comfixclub

    iPhone App to help make our lives easier. According to my opinion.

  • Jerry

    How about a link to the app?

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