Tinder App Connects Students

Athens, GA– ”Oh my gosh, I just got a message on Tinder,” said Jenna Jennings.

A new iPhone app is becoming the next online dating tool for college students. This is how it works.

Tinder is a social media site that is linked to Facebook and lets users create a profile using a picture and an “About me” section.

The app uses GPS trackers to link students based on location and suggests matches based on mutual Facebook friends. 

“You either reject them which is usually… I really like this button, or you can click on the heart and that accepts them and that means you like their picture. And then if they like you back, then you can begin your journey,” said Jennings.

Notifications appear when there is a match. Once that happens, the hopefuls are able to chat, message, or meet up in person. Liking someone on the app is completely anonymous, however, unless they like you back. Then it’s a match made in Tinder heaven. 

Tinder is becoming a popular tool for meeting love interests in college. It is open for anyone to join.

More apps like this one are surfacing in social media everydau. LuLu is another one on the rise

Iris Garrett, Grady Newsource.



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