That’s the word from financial analysts looking at the county budget. They said six months into Fiscal Year 2016, Oconee County “continues to be financially sound.”

Matt Miller, a partner at Treadwell, Tamplin & Co., told commissioners at the Tuesday meeting that the general fund, the main account from which the government operates, is on track is using its overall budget of $23,740,059. 70 percent of the total has been collected to date.

He noted that for the fourth consecutive year, sales tax revenue eclipsed real property tax revenue.

Carrie Wilkins, an accountant at Treadwell, Tamplin & Co., notified the Oconee County Commission that the county received unmodified opinion on the Fiscal Year 2015 audit. That’s the highest level that can be achieved. She also reported that there no audit findings in the report.


“In the general fund, the county increased its fund balance, and the water and sewer fund had positive operating income through the year,” she said.

By Michelle Baruchman