Oconee County Raises Money for Kidney Transplant

WATKINSVILLE, GA – Sara Lewis is a 16-year-old girl from Oconee County who is battling more than some people do in a life time. Her kidneys are failing her, and she is in need of a transplant. Most say she will never play her favorite sport again, but she refuses to believe it.

Her mother is going to be the donor of her first kidney transplant but due to the fact that kidneys only last 18-20 years, they expect she will need around 3 in her life.  Thank goodness for siblings.

When I asked Lewis what this auto immune disease represents for her, she simply smiled.

“I know this is what God chose for me. I’m not going to waste my energy being mad or angry about it because at the end of the day that doesn’t and won’t change anything,” Lewis said. “Instead, I see it as a blessing because it allowed me to be closer to God. Without this, I dont think my faith would be as strong.”

Her outlook on life and her condition is one that we can all learn from.  To donate to Sara’s transplant go to: cotaforsaral.com or facebook.com/COTAforSaraL.

All proceeds will go towards the medical expenses that her insurance does not cover.