UPDATE: Officer-Involved Shooting in Athens


UPDATE: Edward Herron was named as the policeman that was in the officer involved shooting. Investigators say that he is on administrative leave until further notice.

The shooter, Nicholas Head, 27, is currently at the Athens Regional Hospital in ICU. Officers have confirmed that he will be charged with murder and other domestic charges if he lives.

Police say an officer involved shooting left one dead and one injured Monday afternoon around 4 p.m. The incident happened after police officers responded to a domestic violence call from Summerbrook Circle, according to Athens-Clarke County Chief of Police, Scott Freeman.

A body camera video of the responding officer was released just hours after the incident. Police say minutes after the officer arrived at the scene, the gunman shot and killed Quintavia Wade, 28. The video shows the officer telling the suspect to put his hands in the air before any shots were fired, but Head did not respond. A few seconds later, Head shot the victim causing the officer to fire. Police say it is unclear if the shots directly hit the suspect.

The officer on the scene then shouts “Put the gun down and put your hands in the air!” Moments later, Head shot himself.

The victim was the cousin of Head’s girlfriend, Courtney Williams. Police say Wade may have just been a person that was caught in the middle of an argument, but are not yet positive of why she was involved.

Investigators say that there was an earlier domestic dispute between the couple at a different location, but as soon as officers arrived, Head fled the scene.

The couple has a one-year-old child together. That child is staying with its grandmother.

Athens-Clarke County Public Information Officer Epifanio Rodriquez and Police of Chief Scott Freeman getting ready to show the press the body cam video. (Photo: Abby Kousouris)





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