One Company Promotes Positivity and Happy Monday Mornings

Athens, GA- Everyone knows the feeling. Your alarm goes off on a Monday morning, and all you want to do is reach for the snooze button. Zachary Lewer is part of a pilot program at Terry College of Business that’s exploring better options.

Lewer says, “So many people are in the job just for the paycheck and really hate their job, and that’s something that I think a lot of people can identify with.”

Getting excited about another week at work isn’t easy, and that’s why Barrett Brooks founded Living for Monday.

“I wanted to prevent people from going through that six-month or year-long experience where they’re deciding that it’s time to leave and go do something else. I want them to start doing something that matters on day one,” Brooks says.

Besides helping people find jobs they can love, the Living for Monday crew offers business consulting and life coaching. They want to promote fulfilling your full potential in all aspects of life, including your health and your relationships.

According to Living for Monday Team Member Nick Toomey, “I think over the course of our next two years, and three years, and five years, we’re going to come up with some really really neat answers about how exactly you should go about living a life that really fires you up every day.”

The team is currently working with 40 Terry Business School students to test a 12-week career kickstarting program. The program includes video training, e-books, worksheets and tools aimed at helping students find a job that matters.

Jessica Byon is part of this program. She says, “I’m a person better at short term goals and it really helped me think about my long term goals and where I really want to end up, because all of this leads me to where I want to be in the future.”

Barrett says his long term goal is to integrate the career kickstarting program in schools all throughout the country.

To learn more about what Barrett and his team are working on, you can visit

By: Mary Grace Fisher


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