Parents Scramble To Deal With Sudden School Closings

Athens, Ga- Unusually low temperatures are causing schools to close around the state. This is leaving parents unsure how to take care of their children throughout the day. According to the Oconee County School Board they have yet to hear a complaint due to the closings today.

Despite the lack of complaints parents finding themselves potentially inconvenienced by the sudden change in their schedules. With many students going back to school parents stress levels are already at a high.

Casey Mcgough, parent of two attending Malcolm Bridge Elementary School and Friendship Presbyterian says the closings were an inconvenience as she has planned to go to the doctor today in order to treat her bout with the flu. Because she was unable to go to the doctor, she is now at risk of spreading the flu to her children. Mcgough wasn’t planning on having to take her children with her today and was incovineced by the school closings.

However, some parents were grateful schools were closed today. Alps Road Elementary PTA Co-President Lisa Mack, said she was “happy with the closing and wouldn’t want [her] children out in the cold”. Mack, a stay at home mom says her children being home had little effect on her daily life.

Despite inconveniences parents are handling the school closings and low temperatures as best they can.


Photo credit: Google Images


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