Pinewood Studios Create Possible Jobs for Grady Grads

Athens, GA- UGA film students are hoping another Georgia construction project may mean jobs for them here, in the new Hollywood of the South. Reporter Meredith Dean explains that this project  in Fayette County can be a real opportunity for Grady Grads.

About an hour and a half away from the Grady College of Journalism in Athens is the construction site for Pinewood Studios. Once completed, this complex may become the biggest boom in the motion picture industry for Georgia since Tyler Perry set up shop. And you know what this means— jobs for UGA grads. 

The world-renown film series, James Bond, has made its home at Pinewood Studios in the UK. Pinewood has also played host to films such as the Hobbit, Harry Potter, and Les Miserables. But now, the enormous London-based complex is moving to a 288 acre field in Fayette County, Georgia.  When Alex Brillant head about it he said,”I was just stoked because it’s right next to my house and I’ll be able to live at home. It’ll save me money.” 

And he should be excited about it. The studio that could open at this time next year will not only be a magnet for film activity in metro Atlanta, but will also create several jobs for Mass Media Arts students.  Mass Media Arts student Paul Merrill says that it’s the best place for students to start out. “They’re looking to hire right out of local colleges which is awesome. Perfect for us mass media kids.”

 And this may be the perfect place to jumpstart students’ careers, but why would a UK studio build their new facility in Georgia?  Jennifer Smith, an associate professor of the UGA Telecommunications Department said that Georgia has become a thriving place for motion picture companies to flourish because of the 30% rebate from the state which will make filming a movie cheaper.”

Construction for the state of the art facility will hopefully start by the end of this year and become operational by the spring of 2014.


By: Meredith Dean


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