Plan B Now Plan C

Pharmacies will not be required to ask your age when selling the generic morning after birth control pill.

Teva, the manufacturer of Plan B has been in constant battle with the FDA over emergency contraceptive. In the past, Teva discussed nonprescription approval of its product for women ages 17 and older which was approved. Now, the FDA is allowing generic brands to sell over the counter with no age restriction continuing the battle between Teva and the FDA.

Generic meaning any other brand besides the brand with the original patent. In this case, Plan B has the original patent for the morning after pill.

Now any interested manufacturer can make the product as long as it follows regulations.

With the restriction lifted, anyone can buy a generic morning after pill no matter the age.

Teva believes that generics of their product should only be sold to women seventeen and older. The FDA announced this characterization is “too broad and too restrictive”.

The FDA says generic brands will cost less than the brand name. Local pharmacists say the difference in cost ranges from ten to fifteen dollars.

Over the counter pills will not be avaliable for purchase for another two years.

Reporter LeLoni Smith.


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