Police Release Surveillance Video of Armed Robbery in Athens

Athens, GA

Athens Clarke County Police department wants you to follow this downtown surveillance carefully.

The night of April 21st started as a quiet Downtown Athens night, until an unknown person robbed an apartment above Branded Butcher on N. Lumpkin Street.

This is a break into the armed robbery that happened last week, but the police need your helping identifying who the call “Persons of Interest.”

Since the video is slightly blurry, we slowed down the video and zoomed  into one of the individuals. It appears that an African-American female is running down Lumpkin Str. and runs straight into the camera frame around 3:30 am.


Immediately following the woman, it appears an African-American male runs behind her, but slightly out of the frame.

Police are asking that if anyone can identify the two people in this video, please contact Det. Scott Blair at  706-613-3888 ext.292. Or, Sgt David Norris at 706-613-3888 ext 556

By Jaz Calhoun