Rabbit Box Embodies Athens’ Spirit

Athens, Ga —

For David Noah, telling stories means more than just having a beginning, middle and end. Over the years it has become an outlet for self-expression.

But David has learned that his favorite part of storytelling is not just sharing his own history.

This is why David is a part of Rabbit Box: a local Athens organization that allows people to share as well as listen to stories from their community.

The event takes place at the melting point right in the heart of downtown. once a month, eight courageous men and women stand in front of their Athens audience and tell them a story from their own lives.

Many of the storytellers are experts in the art, and Rabbit Box offers free tutoring for anyone who needs help refining their story to fit in the eight minutes they have to speak.

This month’s event took place last night, and more than 200 members of the community came out to listen.

Although he says it is nerve-racking to tell such personal stories in front of an audience, David believes there is a lot to gain from Rabbit Box.




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