Recent Rise in Athens-Clarke County Crime

An Athens-Clarke County Police Report shows that crime is down in the key areas: robbery, assault, burglary and theft. In fact, this report shows crime is down nearly 12 percent. 

Though this report shows a decrease in crime the report only goes through the month of July…but in August, crime has jumped up again.

“There’s a correlation with the number of people coming in town, some of whom are victims and some of whom are committing crimes,” Major Mark Sizemore explained. “But with an additional 30,000 people in our community, they’re all going to have a slight uptick.”

Of all the crimes that have been committed, Major Sizemore has seen a bigger increase in one in particular.

“When the university is in session, in fall particularly, with the retunring students along with freshmen we typically experience an increase in property crimes, entering autos, burglaries.”

He also recommends steps to prevent these crimes from happening to you.

“We encourage students or anyone for that matter, to secure their property, not leave it in view or in plain view while in a vehicle. To take steps and avoid those types of behaviors that could be risky.”