Record Voter Turnout for UGA Student Government Elections

This year’s Student Government Association election at the University of Georgia saw a record breaking turnout as students voted for either the “Rise” or “Ignite” ticket to lead the student body for the upcoming school year.

Cameron Keen was elected as the SGA president on the Ignite ticket, pulling 57% of the votes casted. Voting trends saw an overall increase from last year, with 8% more votes cast from the student body.

Keen is a Junior from Dublin, Georgia, majoring in political science, international affairs and public relations. He says safety is at the top of his list of concerns in the upcoming school year.

UGA SGA President Cameron Keen. Photo courtesy Student Government Association University of Georgia

“We want to look into issues relating to sexual assault and mental wellness,” says Keen, “The main thing we want to do is streamline resources so students know where to go to first and when they get there they are met with a kind face and a spirit of respect — and just making sure students have timely and effective help.”

As Keen takes office for his first week as president, students are voicing their concerns about what they want to see SGA do for them.

Sam Marticke, a third year from Marietta, Georgia majoring in political science agrees that SGA should focus on issues that people have a hard time confronting, such as sexual assault and mental wellness.

“I think that it’s important to continue to bring light upon the things that people don’t talk about, and it’s almost better to hear more about it,” says Marticke.

Tyra Roberts, a second year from Alexandria, Virginia, majoring in finance voted for the Rise ticket. She hopes that the new SGA administration finds ways to reach students across campus.

“I really want them to reach out to the other parts on campus and see what we want to see happen and what we want to see change on campus,” Roberts says.

Another student, Matthew Detweiler, hopes to see more support for his own college.

“More support for ag. We were originally an ag-school, so just more support for that,” says Detweiler.”

Ammishaddai Grand-Jean ran for president on the Rise ticket. He says he now supports Keen and hopes students will still rise, no matter the outcome.

“I think he has a vision that will bring the campus together, I pray so that we will be able to bring the campus together from our ideas to our initiatives to our plans and programs,” says Grand-Jean, “but we’re still rising for students everyday.”

Keen wants to thank those who voted in the election, no matter the ticket.

“To the people who voted for Rise, number one I just want to say thanks for voting in general, and number two that we want to be a voice for all students and that includes those who voted for us, those who didn’t vote for us and those who didn’t vote at all.”

Keen’s inauguration took place in the UGA chapel.

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By: Cassie Daigle


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