‘Smokeout’ Tobacco Event to be Held on Thursday

By: Shannon Basford

On Thursday, November 19th, The American Cancer Society will challenge tobacco users to quit their habits in The Great American Smokeout. The Smokeout is an event that falls on the third Thursday of November every year to educate smokers on the dangers of tobacco use and why they should stop. Volunteers in each state also help smokers develop a plan for quitting if they are not up to the challenge of quitting on the day of the event.

ACS has tips for quitting tobacco use, and encourage smokers to visitwww.cancer.org/smokeout or the application, the Quit For Life® Program. These are a few of ACS’ suggestions for having  successful quit day:

•         Do not use tobacco – not even one puff or chew!

•         Stay active – try walking, exercising, or doing other activities or hobbies.

•         Drink lots of water and 100% juices.

•         Start using nicotine replacement if that’s your plan.

•         Attend a cessation class or start following a self-help plan.

•         Avoid situations where the urge to smoke or use tobacco is strong.

•         Limit or avoid alcohol.

•         Think about changing your routine: Use a different route to get to work. Drink tea instead of coffee. Eat breakfast in a different place or eat different foods.

•         To get help quitting, visit http://cancer.org/smokeout or call the American Cancer Society, anytime day or night, at 1-800-227-2345.

The Great American Smokeout began in the 1970’s, and has led to many of the laws and regulations that control tobacco use, such as the ban on smoking in restaurants. The goal of the American Cancer Society is to change attitudes about smoking so that tobacco users will come to an understanding of why they should quit.

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