Local Deputies to Look After Residents’ Homes During Holidays


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By: Anna Clark

If you live in Oconee County and plan to go out of town for the holidays, deputies will step in to look after your home during your vacation.

Oconee County Georgia Sheriff’s Office posted to their Facebook page saying you can fill out a Request for Security Check form and include the dates you plan on being out of town. During those dates, a patrol deputy will stop by to check the exterior of your home. People are asked to list the names of people and descriptions of vehicles that are allowed to be at their house during the dates they are away.

The following are ways to send in your form:

  • Send via fax at 706-769-5665.
  • Drop it by the Sheriff’s Office at 1140 Experiment Station Rd.
  • If neither of the above options work, email it to jwilliams@oconeesheriff.org or mcole@oconeesheriff.org.


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