Some Stores are Closing their Doors Early

Athens, Ga- The icy weather has made it complicated for employees to get to work leaving some stores to close early.

Home Depot on Epps Bridge and Publix on Barnett Shoals are both currently closed. Publix is hoping to open their doors tomorrow at 9am.

All Kroger locations in Athens remain open.  Upon calling the store, customers are greeted with an automatic message of “despite the recent storms, all Kroger locations remain open for your convenience.”

Joe Benkoski, co-manager of Kroger on Epps Bridge, believes the store is in good shape with plenty of milk and produce.

Walmart on Epps is low on staff, but has not seen many customers today.

Both Kroger and Walmart are low on staff but don’t have much worry with few customers. The stores have a few cashiers open along with self check-out for customers.

Reporter LeLoni Smith


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