SPECIAL REPORT: Why Did Board of Regents Ban Students?

By Dillon Richards

The Board of Regents will argue in court Friday that a group of undocumented students doesn’t have the right to sue them over a policy that bans them from schools like UGA. But, why does this ban exist in the first place? We looked into that in day two of our series “Unwanted.”


Main Points

  • The Georgia Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Olvera v. Board of Regents.
  • The case is over a Board policy that bans students from Georgia’s top public colleges.
  • The students’ lawyer, Charles Kuck, says the policy is “monumentally bad.”
  • Other activists say the Board was forced into the policy by the legislature.


The Board of Regents declined an interview with Grady Newsource, but they did respond to some of our questions. You can find those responses here.

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