Stacey Abrams Could Make History in the Georgia Governor’s Election

Stacey Abrams, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, was surprised by the turn out for an event just a few weeks ago in Athens.

“If I had known so many of you would be here, we would’ve gone to The Classic Center,” Abrams said at an event held in Athens. 

This election has even surprised Thomas Moore, political director for the UGA Young Democrats and president-elect of the College Democrats of Georgia.

“It’s incredible seeing so many college students so energized by this campaign, in a way that I’ve never seen,” Moore said. 

But to many, the turnout for Abrams’ Athens visit was no surprise.

In fact, both events she held here on Oct. 11 were packed.

Moore says Abrams’ stance on education appeals to young voters. One of her three main proposals would allow more Georgians to receive a higher education.

“We have to educate our children from cradle to career, making sure from early childhood education through K-12, through pathway postsecondary education, we’re doing our work,” Abrams said.

Abrams wants students to be able to graduate college debt free and she wants to provide free technical school education. If her stance on these and other issues win over enough voters, she’ll make history.

Abrams could become the first female African-American governor in the country.

To support Abrams’ campaign, Oprah Winfrey visited Atlanta last week. Former President Barack Obama was also here for Abrams. He spoke on national issues.

It’s bad enough spending eight years trying to get rid of someone’s healthcare. And then in the finals days, trying to act like you’re Mother Teresa,” he said. 

Janie Bohlmann is a senior majoring in journalism.


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