State of the Union

Local Political experts say the biggest challenge facing the president is bi-partisan cooperation. Reporter Jeffrey McNair is Downtown at Transmetropolitain where UGA Young Democrats are getting people to come out and watch the State of the Union Address.

It’s time for the State of the Union address and people are tuning in to hear how Obama is putting his campaign promises into action. Luke Boggs Young Democrats says, “We have potential to come up with better economic polices that will help us get down the debt. It’s a critical moment in our history to get these things done. Its just really important for people to be paying attention and saying okay so this is what they’re trying to do and you’re either agree with that or don’t agree with that and then vote accordingly and have your voice heard.”

Bogg says it seems likely that Obama will expand upon some of the key points that he made in his inaguration address.

Regardless of party affiliation both sides say that the key to a successful term will be bipartisan compromises.

Charles Bullock, Russell Professor says,”What the county desperately needs and it is not going to be easy to achieve this, but to begin to come up with bipartisan solutions. The two parties are so far a part now that it’s not easy. Our nation historically and traditionally our nation has worked out compromises where each side has to give some. Right now neither side is rushing to give in at all.”

We did try to reach college republicans but were unable to. Both Boggs and Bullock say that even if you don’t watch you should at least find out the highlights of the address which will begin at 9:00pm

If you don’t want to come out to Transmet the Whitehouse has also set up a live feed at where they will be offering a special enhanced viewing with graphics and statistics that the president used to make his policy decisions and you can also join in a discussion on twitter using #SOTU.

-Jeffrey McNair


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