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Unemployment Rate Reaches a New, 8-Year Low

Unemployment rates in the United States and in Athens has reached a new low. ...

Live: State of the Union

Pres. Barack Obama address Congress, the nation

State of the Union

Local Political experts say the biggest challenge facing the president is bi-partisan cooperation. Reporter ...

Live: Presidential Inauguration

Pres. Obama is officially sworn in to his second term

Live Video: Pres. Obama Announces Gun Control Proposals

Live Video: Pres. Obama announces proposals to increase gun control

Election Superstitions

Superstitions are everywhere in the presidential election, but how true are they? Special projects ...

Democrats – The Day After the Election

The Democratic party is celebrating victory and the Republican Party is licking its wounds. ...

Election Day Midday Webcast

Web Anchor Matt Tompkins gives us a quick look at “things to know” this ...

Children Join In On The Voting Process

If children could vote, Obama would be president for the next four years. You ...

Candidates Discuss Amendment One

Two candidates running against one another in the biggest local race agree on one ...

2012 Presidential Debate Replay

Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney debate for the final time

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