Preparing Roads for Winter Weather

If you’re worried about your drive home with this storm, you can feel a little better knowing that the roads are being prepared. Right now crews are out prepping for the chance of heavy rain and snowfall.

This means cleaning out storm drains so all that rain and melted snow can get off the roads. But the real key to making your drive safe if there’s ice is sand. Athens-Clarke County Streets and Drainage Department is loading up spreading trucks with tons of it, so your tires can make it down those icy roads.

The sand won’t come out until there is actually ice on the roads. Crews switched into 12 hours shifts for today and tomorrow, and will be working around the clock to be prepared to handle the road conditions. They don’t know when the roads will be clear, but the department says it’s ready to handle the worst.

Reporter Macey Lauren is at the Athens Clarke County Streets and Drainage Department. She says they are already clearing the drains in order to keep the streets prepared for the weather.


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