Students React to ISIS attacks

By: Mary Grace Shaw and Kara Murphy

On the evening of Nov. 19 students will gather to show their disapproval with Governor Deal’s action to not allow Syrian refugees into Georgia. The students will silently march from The University of Georgia Tate Student Center to The Arch in downtown Athens. The silent march is organized by The UGA Arab Cultural Association and the group Christians United for Palestine.

Another group of UGA students will gather to show their feelings towards ISIS. The group of students will gather for an event called “Pray for ISIS.” The event is focused on praying for the healing of the world in light of the recent terrorist attacks. UGA is one of nine other college campuses taking part in this event. UGA student Kelsey Wood is a part of the event. Wood says, ” We pray for our enemies just in light of all the terrorist attacks and all the movement within ISIS, so it’s just a time for us to all come together and pray as a unit.”


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