Teen Brothers killed in Jefferson Car Crash

By: Adriana Vicuña

The student body at Jefferson High School is mourning the loss of two of their classmates today. William and Alexander Trimble lost their lives in a car crash on US Highway 29.
The Principal and staff are having counceling for students all day today and tomorrow.

Earlier today, the students were out by the flag, praying for the two brothers. Willian was still on life support earlier today. Unfortunately, he died earlier this afternoon. The losses are devastating not only the student, but the whole community of Jefferson.

“Both of the young men are in the marching band. Within the framework of the band is a family itself. Because these kids are so close with one another, the band parents wanted to be on site today to offer support for the students,” said Kevin Smith, Jefferson High School Principal.

William and Alexander Trimble, senior and sophomore at Jefferson High, respectively, lost their lives when their car crashed with a track trailer. Their car was crushed underneath, killing Alexander immediately. William died today.  Teresa Snow did not know the brothers, but after hearing about the accident she could not believe two young boys had lost their lives. She says she had to bring flowers.

“This is all I could do. I just had to let these folks know that they are in my prayers. These boys will be in a better place but it doesn’t hurt any less,’ said Teresa Snow, a Jefferson resident.

Snow put out two balloons in rememberance of the two brothers. The poinsettias represent a sad time to lose a love one as the holidays are coming up.  Mrs. Snow says that the intersection of Highway 29 and Pendergrass in a terrible one. She says that accidents happen there all the time as people cut cars off at a high speed. The administration of Jefferson High School has been in touch with the mother of the boys and was there last night at the hospital to keep her company. They will continue to provide counceling and support to students and staff who may need it during this unfortunate time.

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