Students Pile Early at Stegeman Coliseum for UGA vs UK

ATHENS, Ga- Football dominates the town of Athens, but if you were on UGA’s campus today you would have never known it.  Fans braved the rain, and every one huddled underneath umbrellas outside Stagemen colesium hoping to get a wristband for the big game tonight.  At 11:30 a.m. the line was out the door and down Smith street it held upwards of 500 people.


An out of breath fan says, “something about skipping class to get a ticket.”  And several of the employees passing out wrist bands said this was the most excited they have seen UGA fans for basketball.  In the last home game of the season The Georgia Bulldogs host the undefeated, top-ranked Kentucky wildcats tonight at 9p.m.

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