Choosing Study Spaces That Avoid Crowds

Final exams are only a month away.

Common study spots for UGA students, like the Miller Learning Center, become overcrowded as students cram for exams. To help you avoid the crowds, we’ve put together a list of some of the many unique spots around campus that can be used as alternatives! Here are just a few:

Main Library- 4th Floor

There’s lots of room to study in the seven-floor main library on North Campus. A particularly fun and open place to study is the Collaborative Study Space on the fourth floor! The walls are covered in dry-erase boards and chalkboard paint, making it great for group work. The bright and lively area also has giant bean bags for reading or even a power nap.





Hammock Studying

If you really want to avoid the crowds, make your own study spot! The Outdoor Recreation Center at Ramsey rents out hammocks to UGA students. The best part? It’s free! The outdoors can be a great change of studying scenery, so find a tree and mark your spot.





Georgia Museum of Art

The Georgia Museum of Art has a coffee shop on the first floor that’s great for any caffeine lovers looking to do some studying. The shop has seating, and there are also benches nearby with views of sculptures for a little change of pace. Plus, if you need some inspiration, just take a break and stroll through the museum exhibits! Admission is free.





Science Library

If you are looking for a super quiet and well-equipped place to study, head over to the science library. Currently, they are open until 2 a.m. but will stay open 24-hours a day come finals time. Nestled on south campus, it’s the perfect spot to avoid the main campus crowds!


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