Sun is Down, Snow Continues



Photo on 2014-02-12 at 18.36


This day has brought on vast amounts of snow, sleet, and rain but it has only just begun.

We have seen a wintry mix throughout the day and a consistent temperature of about 27 degrees. This low temperature created the perfect environment for the snow and ice to layer on top of one another.

National Weather Service says we can expect to see just snow around 4am or earlier with gusts of wind averaging as high as 30mph. It is possible that we could potentially reach 1 to 3 inches worth of snow by the end of the night.

Tomorrow, the high will be 42 degrees but there will be an accumulation of snow from the night that will still make roads icy and hazardous to drive on. If you decide to drive, take precautions and maneuver carefully.


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