Athens’ Park And Ride Finally Opens Today

Athens, Ga –The Athen’s ongoing project for the Park ‘n Ride finally opens today. Reporter Hannah Patrick has the details from the Ribbon cutting ceremony.


This project has been going on for 10 years not. The new parking lot has 223 spots and some outstanding green initiatives.


Solar Panels, Rain Gardens, and Purvias pavement fill this new lot located off Loop Ten. The New green features were part of an ongoing attempt to make Athens more environmentally friendly.


Mayor Nancy Denson says,” its something that All of our community can be proud of, its the direction our whole country needs to be moving in lots of areas.”



The parking lot is free and the buses are free for students with their I.D.’s. It is also a safer option for students on campus.



Mayor Denson believes, “If I was a student I would feel very comfortable parking here for the day because its going to be very well lit and its going to have people coming and going all the time.”



The new park will ultimately free up parking all across the Athens community.


The Director of the Athens transit system said, “The whole Idea of the lot is to provide a parking location out of the downtown central business district or off of the main campus area to allow individuals to park so that we can free up space in those areas for maybe more appropriate uses.”


This parking lot was funded by a grant, so the local government had no cash lay out. This means no money came from you as taxpayers.


The grant was matched to the value of the land. The lot opened today at 3:25 and is now officially up and running.


The New Park and Ride is located off exit 8 on Loop ten. The buses run Monday through Saturday and run every 20 mintues during the peak hours of the day.



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