The Fire Won’t Affect Their Church Member’s Strength

Athens, Ga–

 It doesn’t look like it now, but this was once a kitchen and home for thousands.

Our daily bread provided hunger, housing and education services outside of Oconee Street United Methodist Church for almost 25 years. 
Kimberly Morgan, a member of the church said, “It is a very small church, but the impact it has on the community… you would think there were thousands.” 

They serve over 1000 people in a year and provide food everyday, Even on holidays. Erin Barger, the executive director of Action Ministtires said,  “We haven’t missed a meal yet and we don’t plan to.” 

Places like Young Harris are providing space for church services and even Chic Fil A donated food for their daily meals. 

As you can see this church is not fit to serve food this morning, but that didn’t stop Athens Ministries, because they served breakfast right here on their front lawn.  These meals don’t just go to the homeless. They provide meals for anyone that needs food, including the working poor.

And they are happy to be that saftey net. Barger also said, “It’s an irreplaceable institution upon which people depend for survival and hospitality.”

Although their church is gone, their hunger, housing and education services will continue…and so will their strength in the community.

Fire fighters as of now are still unsure fo the cause and expect it will be days before they know exactly what happened. The Church is taking donations at the Athen’s Ministries building right across the street from the church. You can find all of this information on their website at


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