Fire Burns Down Historic Athens Church

Church members and community members alike lined the streets around the police tape last night. Flames swept through the steeple and roof taking down anything in sight.

“I got a call saying that the church was on fire so I came up and this is the results of it” kitchen manager Zach Burgess said.

People who live in the surrounding houses stood by in aw watching this historic building try to withstand the heat.

“Unfortunately, it’s a church. It’s terrible, terrible news,” said resident Jason Stewart.

This morning investigators were looking into the cause of the fire.

Assistant chief Lionel Huff said, “The fire at this point is deemed undetermined but under investigation.”

Firefighters have still taped off the building and have it deemed unsafe to enter due to structural damage that was caused by the fire. Church members are said to see this happen but have no plans of stopping their Sunday worship. Nothing can stop this little church.

“We are not a huge congregation but we are a congregation that basically will work together and we will rebuild. We may be small but we’re strong” said trustee member Enrique Alpaugh.


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